CrytoTouch MD topical carboxy delivery device

CryoTouch MD

Improved outcomes with topical carboxy delivery

With ONE Device…

  • Rejuvenate skin with immediate results
  • Dramatically reduce pain & redness after ablative treatments
  • Breakthrough, pain-free hair restoration protocol – FOR MALE AND FEMALE PATIENTS

What is Topical Carboxy Delivery?

Topical Carboxy Delivery (TCD) is a gaseous carbon dioxide combined with specifically formulated serums delivered to the surface of the skin. The use of carbon dioxide and its transcutaneous benefits is well established in aesthetic medicine. 

CryoTouch MD Delivers non-invasive results from TCD that is optimized for the modern medical spa. The unit is lightweight, portable, and features advanced technology ensuring optimal performance, easy operation, and remote troubleshooting.

Bohr’s Effect

The lower pH creates the Bohr’s Effect, weakening the bonds between hemoglobin and oxygen. This localized release of oxygen along with increased circulation results in a variety of changes including increased capillary wall permeability and microcirculation, stimulation of fibroblasts which increases collagen, and neoangiogenesis.