Cervello Laser Hair Removal

affordable laser hair removal devices

A bold innovation in laser hair removal, the CERVELLO laser is truly the ultimate diode laser. With wavelengths of 808, 755, and 1064 nm, the CERVELLO Laser is more powerful, safe, and effective than ever.

The hallmark of the CERVELLO Laser is faster, safer results. Thanks to three wavelength variations and a double cooling system that utilizes copper and gold macro channels, the CERVELLO laser provides a virtually pain-free patient experience with faster treatment times.

Reap the benefits of this highly effective hair removal tool that requires zero consumables. The CERVELLO laser is designed with an innovative MPRS (Mirror Polished Reflecting Service) diode that boosts laser light rebounds for more effective treatment with the same amount of power.

    • Virtually pain-free for your clients
    • Quick procedure and effective results
    • Safely repeatable thanks for double cooling technology
    • Effective for most skin types with three gold standard wavelengths
    • Stackable wavelengths in a single handpiece can compound

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