Eon Body Contouring

eon laser body contouring

EON Smarter laser body contouring

The first robotic touchless body contouring device used for non-invasive, permanent fat loss.

EON is the world’s first fat-elimination device that is FDA-cleared for use on the flanks, abdomen, back, and thighs.

EON hovers over and scans the body’s topography and uses over 40 safety sensors to detect skin temperature, distance from the skin, laser energy, jet temperature, and room temperature.

  • Reduces stubborn fat, safely and comfortably
  • 21% – 25% fat loss (2 treatments, after 12 weeks)
  • No post-treatment care/downtime
  • Safe for all skin types and skin tones

EON utilizes state-of-the-art robotic precision for body contouring to target stubborn fat in the abdomen, flank, thigh, and back fat area. With touchless technology, EON intelligently delivers precise 1064nm laser energy and even heat distribution to induce apoptosis. As needed, the QUICKCOOL feature stops laser energy for 10 seconds, so the robotic arm can blast cool air on the skin’s surface for patient comfort.

EON is backed by years of expert research and is FDA-cleared for ALL skin types. With no cleanup, extra supplies, or post-treatment care needed, EON is a great ROI for your practice. Plus its aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic design will look great in your office.

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